Why Digital Marketing is Winning the Game

When YouTube begun showing Google ads videos, the magic wand of TV ads had diminished its powers. This is plainly because TV ads aren’t specific. In digital marketing, consumers are targeted around products that they care about. Digital marketing is simply kicking everything that is irrelevant to target consumers, which means they get to know more about products they like or have preference of.


Another thing is TV ads just hit everyone across the board not even knowing who’s going to reach them. Digital marketers on the other hand don’t just make ads but examine their strategies including whom that are going to reach or which target consumers need and demand seeing the ads. It’s entirely different approach when targeted consumers are pinpointed first before putting out the campaign.


It’s costly, when a business puts ads on popular televised events like Super Bowl. Digital marketing uses only a fraction of the price with mobilization of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Who needs to watch the million dollar TV ads when one can shout out in Twitter, the coolest drink during the game, or what’s the best shoes or gadget to enjoy with the Super Bowl games? Digital marketing has cross-pollinating effects or the viral so-called things. And that only happens with digital marketing.


Digital marketers know the power of social media, and who could argue with millions of views in YouTube and comments and likes in Facebook and Instagram? This is in sad consequences with TV viewing becoming less and less with more households having Netflix account or replacing their regular TV with smart LED TV’s. While it is said that people still spend more than four hours in front of their set, it is not totally for regular TV shows and for those boring and irrelevant ads but enjoying digital activities using smart TV sets. So, here’s digital marketing is riding it high against traditional advertising and marketing through Google ads.


People from different ages spend hours browsing the net and digital marketers simply use tools in creating ways in driving and enticing them to click, stay and then buy. Custom-tailored marketing campaign is webbed and pounded for business with the aim of ensuring high ROI or sales leads. It is not just hitting anybody but specific audience and consumers, and void of going around the bush. What you see is what you get!


With the proliferation of smart phone and smart devices, and with everyone being on the go, digital marketing is simply giving in to such behavior. With emails and text messaging, anyone on the go can enjoy information on products they like or have preference over.


Is digital marketing really winning the game? You guess it right!

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