The Top 5 Best Emergency Solar Panels to Power up Your Portable Solar Generator

When you unexpectedly lose power, having a generator makes things easier after it brings electricity back on. An emergency solar panel is what sustains the operation of your portable solar generator. Below are the different types of solar panels in Brisbane you can choose from to run your solar generator operation:

  • Renogy 200W Eclipse Suitcase 

Renogy offers users a lot of choices when it comes to utilizing panel sources for operating your portable solar generator. An emergency solar panel Renogy 200W Eclipse has a foldable suitcase that’s the source of having both power balance and portable handiness. Renogy comprises the highest-quality solar panels, in the form of durable and protective casing packages. 

Renogy’s Eclipse suitcase emergency solar emits a useful low-light source that has a sufficient amount of electricity, which can be used to recharge gadgets while on the go. The Renogy Phoenix solar generator is where the eclipse suitcase can be found. 

  • Goal Zero Nomad 100 

Goal Zero comprises mountable and portable panels. Nomad 100 is a variant of the Goal Zero solar panel. You have to use a Nomad 100 solar service panel to supply power to a portable generator. 

Nomad 100 has a power capability of 100 watts. Goal Zero solar panel service items are durable and dependable. They are good for supplying power to mini-refrigerators, laptops, and medical equipment, among others. Nomad 100 is rugged in design and is handy in size. For this reason, it’s good to be used for camping and outdoor getaways. 

  • Nature’s Generator Power Panel 

Nature’s Generator is easy to transfer from one place to another. Lightweight aluminum frames and durable wheels make up Nature’s Generator solar power panel. This solar panel also has features of summer and winter tilt angles that aid in maximizing its absorption of sunlight. 

  • Jackery Solar Saga 100W

Jackery includes foldable and handy solar panels that are good for use during on-the-go getaway vacations. Jackery solar panels come in 60W and 100W units. The 100W unit variants of Jackery are manufactured with high-quality monocrystalline solar cells. 

  • Aco Power 120 W Mono Solar Suitcase 

Aco Power is another foldable and suitcase-form solar panel. The 120W lightweight solar suitcase is hefty enough to charge a backup solar generator’s power. 

The emergency solar panels in the list above may or may not be suitable for you to use. Conduct a lifestyle assessment before you purchase an emergency solar panel. The usability of the solar panels listed above depends upon your lifestyle and preference. 

Having a solar panel system is an advantage during emergencies in Brisbane. Check out

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