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The term digital marketing came about in 1981 and it was the British who first used the term. Since then, digital marketing goes live every second inside the web, from desktops, laptops to smartphones, tablets and smart devices. Its aim is to push or drive people take action on what they see, hear, and feel while taking most of their time inside the web. It’s simply making people click, tap and buy.


Digital marketing is a step-by-step process of building millions out of a business idea, products, and services. It is helping people get rich, products and services get popular and the toast of the town. It is the magic that only the intelligent people and smart people (particularly those with high hopes and desire in becoming rich) believe in.


This is why, this page is paying tribute or in more precise words, is concentrating on the magical and pleasantness of digital marketing. With digital marketing evolving in many different forms and variations, our authors and contributors are diligently doing hard work on searching  and digging for what’s the latest and coolest thing happening on this  thing called digital marketing. With digital marketing taking the traditional advertising by storm, it is but proper (our contributors think so) to bring it closer to people who need and might need tips and advices  on choosing digital marketing tools, agencies to work with or simply knowing more about  it and enjoying its benefits as well.


Our authors with close relationships with digital marketing gurus spend time interviewing and talking with the respected digital marketers and come about analyzing their thoughts and opinions to help businesses do the right marketing moves and techniques for quick and immediate online success. They will be here with intentions of helping them through digital marketing make their business ideas, products, and service popular and get the revenues coming.


Why digital marketing is useful for those who want to get a fair share of the digital market is the main concern of this web page and on why it is important for a business to maintain stable relationship with marketing gurus. Digital marketing is the lifeblood of the digital business, and it is responsible to keep the digital world pulsating. Hence, this page aims to be a good source that is made available by its hardworking and resourceful authors and contributors. Readers would find digital marketing articles written by digital marketers themselves where focus is directed towards different channels, and on what’s new out there. Moreover, such strategy is reaching out to customers and prospects, and then translates to revenues.


A business may be asking about key digital marketing goals and our authors and contributors in their capacity as digital marketers themselves would be helping in finding and measuring strategic digital marketing objectives and goals, and this is probably the lifecycle and journey of this digital marketing page.


To say that without digital marketing, a digital business can’t move up the ladder of success is nothing of a cliché, and this is the page to read and follow if you’re one of the followers of this “darling” of advertising and marketing.

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