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3 Marketing Trends A Digital Marketing Partnership Can Do for You

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the way we do marketing. In fact, if you are running an Australian digital marketing agency, the ability to adapt and pivot towards new strategies and shifting behaviors is a must. Whether we like it or not, this pandemic has accelerated our transition to the so-called “Industrial Revolution 4.0”, an economy driven by a digital world. We can already see this as we move to e-wallets, online stores, subscription-based services, and content streaming among others. Soon, everything will be digital, even cash and our identification. 

But for now, we are seeing the early stages of this revolution. If a business wants to thrive in this new age, a digital marketing partnership is a key factor in securing a profitable spot this 2021 and eventually, in the future economy. While having an in-house team may be helpful, getting support from an outsourced digital marketing team can speed up and bolster your marketing efforts. CMO lists down 3 key marketing trends from Deloitte that may dominate 2021. These are purpose, agility, and human experience. The article lists additional trends but a key focus is placed on these three. In order to achieve these, a digital marketing partnership will be crucial.


The article cited purpose as its first trend. Deloitte’s research tells us that close to 80 percent of consumers have responded to COVID-19 to help customers. Interestingly, 25 percent would walk away if “they don’t think they have an alignment with their goals.” It is important to ask, “How is my company or product making a difference in society?” And this is where an Australian digital marketing agency can help you be relevant to your market.


The same Deloitte research cited agility as a second trend. According to them, “60 percent of customers were able to name a brand pivoting quickly to make their product or service more appealing to consumers during the pandemic.” Yet it seems that less than half of organizations are able to pivot successfully. A digital marketing and SEO agency can greatly help in assisting a company pivot effectively so their market will see them as an agile organization.

Human Experience

The third trend in the 2021 Global Marketing Trends Research of Deloitte cited human experience. Going online for your business has its list of advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage is losing human connections that we usually experience when going to physical stores. The CEO article cited that the marriage of physical and digital would best appeal to customers. This is another opportunity where an Australian digital marketing agency can be of assistance to you.

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