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Here’s What You Can Expect in the Future of Drones in Wedding Photography

Drones are very far from being commercialized in the early 2000s. It is just this decade that drone technology improved, and finally, it can already be used to do complicated things. Wedding filmmakers are doing it already by equipping a capable drone with a high-tech camera.

In this post, we will talk about what impact a drone will bring to wedding photography in the next years to come.

8K bird’s eye-view shots and film

4K just launched years ago, but as of the moment, 8K is already crawling its way into the commercial market. It wouldn’t take too many years that we see a wedding videographer in Sydney offering 8K wedding videography outputs.

Drones would allow delivering the highly sought after 8K resolution films with its increased stability and broader control options. As of the moment, 4K equipment is costly, and it is challenging to risk my mounting them in a drone. In the next years, however, even 8k paraphernalia will start soaring the skies.

By the time drones would reach this stage, 8K will also probably reach the commercial stage, and 8K capable streaming and display devices will start to become familiar.

Longer output durations

Drone capture professional wedding videos nowadays are limited to how much time a drone can stay afloat in the air. Most commercial drones nowadays can remain afloat in less than an hour. Although that’s already a reasonable amount of time for footages, more battery life would help a filmmaker a lot.

Wedding filmmakers would benefit a lot if a drone had over 2 hours of floating time. To be honest, it sounds really whimsical, yet with the state of our research and development nowadays, the time is just around the corner.

When drones achieved this batter span, everything around wedding film and photography will experience a significant shift. More couples will favor the use of drones, therefore increasing supplies and availability that wedding providers need to put out.

Nowadays, drones are used to make quick wedding montages that a wedding filmmaker should get right after just a few tries because of the limitations by the device. Controlling one is also very hard and sometimes, training is needed to get the best out of a drone.

Drones are long dubbed as the next big thing in wedding film making and photography, yet as of the moment, its capabilities aren’t enough to keep up with the demands of some clients. But give drones a little bit more time, and they will evolve into something that will be worshipped by wedding photography agencies.

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