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What Strategies Should A Digital Marketing Agency in Australia Focus On in 2017?

The role played by a digital marketing agency is being felt most now more than ever. Individuals, small businesses, large enterprises, multinationals and many others desire to be on the first page if not on top of the search page. In fact, many businesses in Australia are spending lots of resources just trying to do this. I mean, would it be nice to be number one on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, enjoying 200% ROI when it comes to online conversions, or seeing your market outreach grow thanks to effective SEO? The following are some digital strategies that will make the above goals possible:

1. Offer Customized Product

Over the years, many concepts have been invented and have proven to be quite effective. This applies to content marketing, digital platform, social media marketing, SEO and more. This has led to content and designs being rehashed too often hence defeating the goal of digital marketing or search engine optimisation. A digital marketing agency that sees ahead should opt for customised designs as they are more interactive than common ones. A good design will be based on personalising the engagement and also making sure it works with a specific device be it a desktop PC, laptop or mobile device.

2. Enumerate Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

To turn the viewers or visitors into paying/buying customers you need to have very effective content marketing strategies. In addition to appealing to the audience, it will have them hooked to the content or product. However, many people will trust a website when they see the numbers. The higher the number of visitors or sales the more trusty and less risky they will perceive the website. An agency should therefore enumerate the signups, sales, visits as well as monitoring the conversation rate performance.

3. Boost the Website’s Loading Time

One of the digital strategies that shouldn’t be overlooked in 2017 is website loading. Truth is no one loves waiting for a site to load or interacting with a slow platform. In fact, many people would rather move to another site rather than wait patiently to view its content or product. While designing, developing or optimizing the website for search engines, it’s crucial to concentrate on the loading speed. It is better to spend more on a fast site than losing customers due to frustration or dissatisfaction. A website that loads instantaneously is less-likely to suffer from bounce rate but will have better conversations.

Truth is digital marketing and search engine optimisation is constantly changing. What may have been king sometime back may become obsolete due to changes to the search engine algorithm or market shift. In fact, some people who are not enjoying the benefits will be overheard saying search engine optimisation is dead, but this is entirely untrue. Matter of fact is that they are still employing old methodologies. Unless you offer the right digital strategies, your client’s website will continue sinking deeper, or having to constantly overhaul the SEO strategies. It is paramount for any digital marketing agency Australia to pay attention to the above tips so as to remain sustainable in 2017.

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